How does Cashback work?

We work with premium publishers such as TopCashback and Quidco, who give away their commission for any conversions delivered via their website, back to their members. With over 12 million members combined, TopCashback and Quidco have huge reach to the consumer market, with advertisers across numerous verticals.

Incentivising customers to transact, using cashback has proven to be very successful; TopCashabck and Quidco are ‘go to’ publishers, with fantastic ability to drive vast volumes of new customers and members for many different verticals and brands.
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Conectia Case study: Greenstar Energy

We work exclusively with Green Star Energy in the UK.

New customer acquisition onto their fixed term products, be it 12, 18 or 24 month energy contracts.

Conectia Case study: Greenstar Energy


We worked closely with Green Star to provide industry insight to the required cashback amounts, in order to drive the desired numbers of customers in an already crowded and completive arena. The utilities sector is dominated by the very well known ‘Big 6’, it was important to ensure that we positioned Green Star competitively against major brands with extremely aggressive consumer propositions (cashback rates).

Conectia Case study: Greenstar Energy


After giving Green Star the relevant competitor insight, we agreed the cashback rates for each product, along with a 12 week plan which would allow us to test a variety of low, mid and highly competitive cashback rates Vs the existing brands listed in the Gas and Electricity section of the cashback sites. As a new advertiser, Green Star was placed at the very bottom of the Gas and Electricity section. The cashback sites also offer a variety of extra promotional options, in order to further expose brands offers in other areas of the site. The 12 week plan included both a variety of cashback rates and different levels of additional exposure. This allowed us to test the top performing cashback rates and placements.

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